Spring on Lake Lucerne is a magical time. The sun's rays warm the air, the birds chirp and the flowers and fruit trees begin to blossom. The clear waters of the lake and the snow-covered mountain peaks glisten in the spring sunshine. The restaurants and caf├ęs fill with life and the first outdoor events lure people into the open air. Spring on Lake Lucerne is a time of renewal and new beginnings. It is the perfect time of year to experience nature in all its splendour and recharge your batteries.

Walks and Hikes

Tour suggestions

Discover the walks along the lakeshore or across spring meadows. The surrounding mountains also provide a breathtaking backdrop for hikes.

Top Events

Great entertainment

Experience the finest Swiss folk music at the Heirassa Festival, discover rare and rare plants at the ProSpecieRara seedling market or move to the hot rhythms at the Riviera Latina Festival.

Farm shops

Local products

Juicy cherries, sweet berries, fresh vegetables and beautiful roses. Enjoy the produce from the Lucerne Riviera.