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Information on Coronavirus

  •  The Swiss government announced a countrywide ban on gatherings of more than five people in public spaces. For groups up to 5  persons there has to be a space of 2 meters between the persons.
  • Controls are currently being conducted at the borders with Italy, Germany, France and Austria. Only Swiss citizens, persons with a residence permit and persons travelling to Switzerland for professional reasons are allowed to enter the country. Transit traffic remains permitted.
  • As of March 17, the Federal Council has banned public and private events. This arrangement applies until 19. April 2020.
  • Restaurant establishments, bars and cafés remain closed. The ban does not apply to takeaway establishments, meal delivery services and restaurants for hotel guests.
  • All shops and markets remain closed, excluding shops selling food and goods for basic needs
  • Entertainment and leisure establishments are closed; namely museums, libraries, cinemas, concert venues, theatres, casinos, sports centres, fitness centres, swimming pools, wellness centres/spas, ski resorts, botanical gardens, zoos and wildlife parks
  • Post offices, railway stations, banks, pharmacies, drugsotres and healthcare facilities remain open.
  • For further information on the situation in Switzerland please visit: www.bag-coronavirus.ch

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