Top events

Weggis Vitznau and Mount Rigi have a wide range of regular Top Events throughout the year such as the Heirassa Swiss folk musik festival, the traditional Weggis rose festival and the Rigi alpine wrestling competition to name but a few.

Yoga meets Weggis

Embraced by fresh lake air, find inner strength and mental wellbeing in the midst of idyllic mountain scenery. "Yoga meets Weggis" events have been taking place in the most beautiful location on the shores of Lake Lucerne since 2017. Inspired by the power of nature and the wealth of experience of national and international yoga guides, moving yoga events await you again in 2023.

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Summer Sounds Lakeside

91.5. | 2.6. | 16.6. | 24.6. | 30.6. | 14.7. | 4.8. | 19.8. | 25.8. | 2.9.

The perfect summer's evening with a rock music mix and cool drinks.

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Local market

20.5. | 24.6. | 29.7. | 26.8. | 30.9. | 28.10.

The seasonal produce market next to Vitznau jetty may be small, but it's big on local freshness.

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Riviera Latina Festival

26 - 28 May 2023

At Whitsun, Weggis's lakeside promenade turns into a Latino village featuring hot rhythms and tasty drinks. Salsa, merengue, bachata – dance to the hot rhythms of international bands.

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Withsun market, Vitznau

27 May 2023

As tradition dictates, the market in Vitznau takes place every year on Whitsun Saturday.

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Heirassa Festival

8 - 11 June 2023

Come to the Heirassa Festival and enjoy four glorious days in Weggis in the presence of the most popular Swiss folk musicians.

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Rigi Wrestling and Alpine Sports Festival

9 July 2022

Swiss wrestlers and alpine farmers hold a traditional festival on the Rigi. The gorgeous scenery and traditional side programme add an extra dimension to the celebrations.

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Autumn market and cattle show

30 September 2023

Some 250 cows and bulls will be on display; the best-looking specimens are then singled out and decorated before returning home. There are many things to discover at the autumn market.

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Chestnut Festival

22 October 2023

This lovingly laid out "chestnut fair" in Greppen at the end of October invites visitors to stroll amongst the stands at their leisure and broaden their culinary horizons.

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