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The best bathing spots on Lake Lucerne

Lake Lucerne's clear water and numerous delightful bathing spots offer opportunities for sunbathing, reading, refreshment and relaxation.


Rachmaninoff Quay, Weggis

Public bathing spot in Hertenstein. Reachable by bicycle; small car park and public toilets.

Lützelau, Weggis

Public bathing spot between Weggis and Vitznau by the marina. Reachable by bicycle. Car park and public toilets.

Felsberg, Weggis

Public bathing spot on Gotthardstrasse near the Mark Twain memorial stone. Reachable by bicycle.

Röhrli, Weggis

Public bathing spot between Hertenstein and Greppen, approx. 2.5 km north-west of Weggis on the edge of the Herren forest. With well-appointed barbecue spot. Reachable by bicycle, car park 300 metres away.

Old lido, Vitznau

Public bathing spot at the exit of Vitznau (Gersau side). Reachable by bicycle, parking available.

Brougier Park, Vitznau

Public bathing spot between Vitznau and Lützelau marina by the Unterwilen bus stop; public toilets. Reachable by bicycle.

Lido, Greppen

Public bathing spot next to the marina. With floats, play area, cloakroom. Reachable by bicycle. Getting there by public transport: bus to Greppen Oberhaus. The lido is some 400 metres' walk from there.

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