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Quatagis ahoi!

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Boat "Quatagis"

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Boat "Quatagis"

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Boat "Quatagis" in Luzern

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Boat "Quatagis"

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Boat "Quatagis"


Cast off, the anchor is raised!
This classic, most stylish boat has been lovingly restored using only the finest wood and high quality materials. It is both versatile and spacious, allowing small groups to enjoy a wide range of nautical activities. The convertible cabrio top offers protection from both the sun and rain and, thanks to modern technology, the engine installed in the stern of the Quatagis runs with very low emissions.

Corona Special Offers

For families or groups up to 6 persons. Departs from the boat rental Lüüchttürmli in Weggis.

Riviera round trip
1 hr. CHF 90.00
2 hrs. CHF 160.00
Package price per tour

Sunset tour
2 hrs. CHF 160.00
Package price per tour

Night/Full moon tours
2 hrs. CHF 180.00
Package price per tour

Trip to the market in Lucerne
Departure from Weggis: 8.00 hrs. Duration in Lucerne c. 2.5 hrs.
Departure from Lucerne: c. 11.30 hrs.
Package price per trip CHF 180.00


Tours depart from the Lüüchttürmli boat rental in Weggis. The tours last between one and two hours.

  • Riviera lake tour
  • Sunset and evening tours
  • Night and full moon tours

For current offers visit: www.quatagis.ch

Special tours and event trips

The spacious and stylish boat is ideal for:

  • individual families, societies and company events
  • a nautical experience for both children and teenagers
  • tours and transfers

Location and contact

Quatagis ahoi
Seestrasse 27
6353 Weggis
+41 (0)79 350 69 39