NatuRigi – ensuring the flower meadows on the southern flank of the Rigi continue to bloom

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The southern flank between Greppen and Brunnen harbours a great many natural treasures consisting of a wild, species-rich flora and fauna featuring 900 flowering plants, 300 lichens, 100 mosses, well over 1000 insects, breeding birds, reptiles, amphibians and mammals. This diversity is a result of the particular geology and natural history, the mild lake climate and the painstaking work of the farming families.


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Try these products: they're a balm for body and soul. NatuRigi wellness products contain extracts of Rigi


NatuRigi promotes and protects the natural treasures and plant and animal life present on the southern flank of the Rigi. Farming families need a certain level of income to continue to cultivate the valuable low-nutrient grassland meadows on the slopes. One possible source of income comes from processing their own natural resources, developing specialities and selling them direct to the public. This is where NatuRigi comes in.


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Bühlhof 1
6404 Greppen
+41 (0)41 390 37 50