Mätzli Winery in Vitznau

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Red wine from Mätzli vineyard

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White wine from Mätzli vineyard

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Spirits from Mätzli vineyard


A winery with breathtaking views.

The Mätzli farm is located in Vitznau at an altitude of 550 - 600m a.s.l. on the southern flank of Mount Rigi.

The Johanniter (white) and Cabernet Jura (red) grapes yield a fruity and full bodied wine. Both wines are made from grapes grown in accordance with principles of organic farming.

The Küttel family also has a passion for distilling their own schnaps from the farm’s organically grown fruit.


Location and contact

Weingut Mätzli
Wilenstrasse 26
6354 Vitznau
+41 41 397 12 77