Wellness Cabin

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Wellness cabin outside area

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Wellness cabin in the evening

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Wellness cabin relaxation area

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Wellness cabin relaxation area

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Wellness cabin sauna


Your private wellness cabin with its very own charm.

Unique ambiance for total relaxation. Treat yourself to a few relaxing, undisturbed moments. The wellness cabin can be all yours for three or four hours in the afternoon or evening.


The design of the small, detached cabins was inspired by the "Kota", a Nordic traditional hut.

The three Kotas, built side by side, are designed for a maximum of four guests at a time. This includes a private outdoor area.

The interior design of the octagonal rooms was crafted using the finest, natural Swiss pine wood in log cabin look, exuding a wonderful scent, and creating a very special ambiance.


Location and contact

Gütschstrasse 5
6404 Greppen
+41 77 257 46 77