Miwako von Planta - individually and personally

Miwako von Planta owns a unique beauty, health and wellness centre in Weggis. The rooms are furnished in Japanese style, and the individual rooms offer wonderful views of a large Japanese garden, the lake and the mountains. The focus is on the individual and his or her needs in terms of health, well-being and appearance.

The heart of the facility is the stone therapy bath, which is widely used in Japan for cosmetic and medical purposes. Use is made of a rare ceramic stone from Japan imbued with an optimal energetic effect (sub-infrared radiation of 4-14 microwave length).
The therapy is appropriate for strengthening the immune system, stimulating organ function, offering relief for numerous physical complaints, and reducing toxins in the body.

Services offered

  • Stone therapy bath
  • Sanospa massage bath
  • Various massages
  • Cosmetic facial treatments

Location and contact

Miwako von Planta GmbH
Health & Beauty from Inside and Outside
Park Höchi Allee 3
6353 Weggis
+41 (0)41 390 22 22