Vintage steam train trips between Vitznau and Rigi Kulm

Vintage carriage on Mount Rigi / Photo: Christian Perret


The Rigi Railway, Europe's first cogwheel railway, has been operating on the Rigi from Vitznau since 1871. Enter the neatly presented carriage, which dates from the early years of the railway, and let yourself be chauffeured up the mountain just like in the good old days. The smell of the coal fire, the hissing of the steam, the smooth interplay of the mechanics and the lovingly restored locomotive create a unique atmosphere.


Steam train trips are also offered in winter from Vitznau and Goldau.


Location and contact

Rigi Bahnen AG
Bahnhofstrasse 7
6354 Vitznau
+41 (0)41 399 87 87