Sergei Rachmaninoff and the Villa Senar

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Villa Senar in Hertenstein/Weggis

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Villa Senar in Hertenstein/Weggis 

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Villa Senar in Hertenstein/Weggis, Studio 

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Villa Senar in Hertenstein/Weggis

Copyright: Denkmalpflege Kt. Luzern, Priska Ketterer







Villa Senar is the former home of Sergei Rachmaninoff, one of the greatest composers, conductors, and pianists of the 20th century. A magical place with around 21000m2 of parkland, including a gardener's house and its own boathouse.

Rachmaninoff's Villa Senar is beautifully situated directly on Lake Lucerne. He built the picturesque villa in the 1930s. The world-famous artist spent formative years together with his beloved wife on Lake Lucerne’s Riviera, composing key works such as the Paganini Variations, the 3rd Piano Concerto and the Corelli Variations.

"Senar" is an acronym consisting of the names of the couple: Sergei + Natalja Rachmaninoff. Over the years, this building has gained artistic, architectural, and cultural significance. Sergei Rachmaninoff's original concert grand piano is also situated in his studio, giving the property a special aura.

It is a place where Lucerne's architectural, cultural, and musical history come together.

Visiting the Villa Senar

As of April 2022, the property, including the buildings, is owned by the Canton of Lucerne. Together with the Serge Rachmaninoff Foundation, the canton of Lucerne wants to develop the site into a regional and international cultural and educational centre, make it accessible to the public, and preserve Rachmaninoff's cultural heritage. A wide variety of events and concerts will enchant visitors. Let yourself be inspired, as Sergei Rachmaninoff once was, by the unique setting between Lake Lucerne and the mountain landscape of Central Switzerland. Immerse yourself in the life of a renowned artist, Hollywood star and family man.

Villa Senar can be visited only on public occasions or on request and, unlike museums, it does not have regular opening hours.

The Serge Rachmaninoff Foundation coordinates the cultural events. The program & tickets are available on the Website. Programm & Tickets


Location and contact

Stiftung Rachmaninoff
Zinnenstrasse 6
6353 Weggis
+41 (0)78 606 00 49