Vitznau lies in an idyllic bay of Lake Lucerne at the foot of the Rigi. Thanks to its protected location, the village enjoys an exceptionally mild climate enabling palm trees and grapes to thrive.


Europe's first cogwheel railway

It's been travelling tirelessly up and down the Queen of the Mountains ever since 1871.

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Kultur Kulinarik Vitznau

By establishing the Campus Kultur Kulinarik Vitznau and building the Chamber Music Hall with its accompanying multimedia hall, investor, visionary and music lover Peter Pühringer has set another milestone in establishing a training and further education location in Vitznau.

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Fort Vitznau

Militiamen of the Swiss Army past and present initiate visitors into the mysteries of Fort Vitznau with its 500 m or so of tunnels, giant ammunition depots, gun emplacements, power plant, workshops, operating theatre, small "hotel" and much more.

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Local market Vitznau

The seasonal produce market next to Vitznau jetty may be small, but it's big on local freshness.

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Space to let off steam, discover new things, have fun, build and balance. To the next playground!

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Swiss flag

The largest Swiss flag in Central Switzerland overlooks Vitznau in summer!

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