Swiss Wrestling and Alpine Festival at Rigi Staffel

Swiss Wrestling and Alpine Festival at Rigi Staffel


Swiss wrestlers and alpine farmers hold a traditional festival on the Rigi. The gorgeous scenery and traditional side programme add an extra dimension to the celebrations.

As one of Arth municipality's oldest traditions, the Rigi Swiss Wrestling and Alpine Games Festival takes place at Rigi Staffel every July.

The event is organised by the Rigi Swiss Wrestling Association and Arth society of dairymen and women with the help of countless volunteers and the Friends of Swiss Wrestling. The specially prepared wrestling arena, great atmosphere, thrilling competitions, colourful transhumance and magnificent views of the Rigi – Queen of the Mountains – attract thousands of enthusiastic spectators.

Don't miss this special occasion: savour the unhurried ambience and traditional folk customs.


Location and contact

OK Rigi Schwing- & Älplerfest
Seestrasse 36
6424 Lauerz