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Heirassa Festival – biggest folk music festival

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Heirassa-Festival Weggis

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Heirassa-Festival Weggis

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Heirassa-Festival Weggis

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Heirassa-Festival Weggis


Come to the Heirassa Festival and enjoy four glorious days in Weggis in the presence of the most popular Swiss folk musicians. June will see more than 30 high-calibre ensembles playing over 100 hours of folk music across 15 venues.

Switzerland's biggest folk music festival offers a very high standard of traditional


The Heirassa Festival was launched in memory of local performer, composer and folk musician Alois Schilliger. Schilliger composed the famous Heirassa Polka in 1954 and later founded the Heirassa


Location and contact

OK Heirassa-Festival
6353 Weggis
+41 (0)41 227 18 00