Chestene-Chilbi – the biggest chestnut market in German-speaking Switzerland

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Chestnut Festival in Greppen

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Chestnut Festival in Greppen

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Chestnut Festival in Greppen


This lovingly laid out "chestnut fair" in Greppen at the end of October invites visitors to stroll amongst the stands at their leisure and broaden their culinary horizons. There's much more to discover than just hot chestnuts: alongside pastries, pasta and chestnut honey, other wares include chestnut beer and liqueur. More than sixty market and food stands testify to the myriad possibilities offered by this nut.


Chestnuts are no longer as important to the Swiss diet as they once were. Even 120 years ago, revenues from chestnuts in the Weggis region exceeded those from milk. Chestnuts were an essential part of the diet in Switzerland before potatoes from South America were cultivated. The Pro Kastanie Zentralschweiz community of interest provides information about the importance of chestnuts and was responsible for initiating the Chestene-Chilbi fair in Greppen.


27 October 2023, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. in Greppen

No parking facilities in Greppen, so please arrive by public transport; SBB timetable.
Free shuttle bus service between Greppen and Weggis Weiher sports ground!


Location and contact

Seestrasse 2
6404 Greppen