The Rigi Ridge Hike

Hiking Trail
13.5 km
Travel time
approx. 5h
Tour details
Tour details
The Rigi Ridge Hike
Über die Unterstettenbrücke geht es weiter nach Rigi Kaltbad
Photo: Wanderblondies, RIGI BAHNEN AG
The Rigi Ridge Hike
Rigi Scheidegg
Photo: Wanderblondies, RIGI BAHNEN AG
The Rigi Ridge Hike
Rigi Burggeist aus der Vogelperspektive
Photo: Rita Baggenstos, RIGI BAHNEN AG
The Rigi Ridge Hike
Photo: Unknown

Urmiberg - Gaetterlipass - Rigi Burggeist - Rigi Scheidegg - Unterstetten - Rigi Kaltbad 

This beautiful hike begins with some strenuous ascents to Rigi Scheidegg. On the route of the former Rigi-Scheidegg railway leads you to Rigi Kaltbad.

Arrived at the mountain station of the cable car Brunnen - Urmiberg, this tour leads you first over the gently curved southern ridge of the Rigi. The lakes of Zug and Lauerz greet you from the valley, and the eastern Alps with the Saentis massif sit enthroned on the horizon. This first exhausting section leads you from Gaetterli to Rigi Scheidegg, where you are rewarded with a fantastic 360° panoramic view. 

On the second section you will cross romantic hills and meadows. The lake route leads into the rock path, which leads you along the vertically sloping Nagelfluhwand and offers spectacular views of Lake Lucerne. The final passage from Rigi First to Rigi Kaltbad is on the route of the former Rigi-Scheidegg Railway.


For your information 

You can find the current operating status of the railways and hiking trails here.

In order to let our next generation also be inspired from the Queen of the Mountains, may we ask you to dispose of your own waste at Rigi Stations. Thank you.


Technical details

Tour type
Hiking Trail
Starting point
Mountain Station Brunnen - Urmiberg
Point of arrival
Rigi Kaltbad
5 / 6
848 m
536 m
Best Time of Year
May, June, July, August, September, October

Urmiberg (1196 m) - Gottertli (1395 m) - Gätterlipass (1189 m) - Rigi Burggeist (1551 m) - Rigi Scheidegg (1656 m) -Hinter Dosse (1546 m) - Unterstetten (1451 m) - Rigi Kaltbad (1436 m)


High profiled hiking boots or trakking boots, rain coat, drinks, food and walking sticks, when possible.

Author’s advice

After the strenuous ascents, you can indulge yourself with local specialities at the mountain guesthouse Rigi Burggeist or Rigi Scheidegg.

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Good to know


There are parking spaces avaliable direct at the Station Urmiberg. Fees apply.

However, we recommend you to arrive by public transportations instead of cars: just lean back, enjoy and do something good for the environment.

Arrival / Return journey

Mit dem PW auf der A4 Richtung Brunnen. Danach Richtung Gersau (Umfahrungsstrasse Brunnen) bis in die Hopfräben fahren.


Accessible by bus and train
Public transport

Arrival conveniently by train and bus:

By train to Brunnen. Then take the bus in the direction of Gersau. Get off at the Urmiberg stop.

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