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The Rigi Lehner's Path

Hiking Trail
22.3 km
Travel time
7 ½ h
Tour details
Tour details
The Rigi Lehner's Path
Blick zurück auf Vitznau.
Photo: Erhard Gick, Schwyzer Wanderwege
The Rigi Lehner's Path
Der Lehenweg verläuft teilweise auf dem Waldstätterweg.
Photo: Erhard Gick, Schwyzer Wanderwege
The Rigi Lehner's Path
Aussicht auf Vierwaldstättersee und Pilatus.
Photo: Erhard Gick, Schwyzer Wanderwege
The Rigi Lehner's Path
Lauschiges Plätzchen vor Gersau bei Blätzen.
Photo: Erhard Gick, Schwyzer Wanderwege
The Rigi Lehner's Path
Die Gesslerburg in Küssnacht
Photo: Erhard Gick, Schwyzer Wanderwege
The Rigi Lehner's Path
Hier wirkte Tell: Kapelle Hohle Gasse.
Photo: Erhard Gick, Schwyzer Wanderwege

Immensee - Kuessnacht - Greppen - Weggis - Vitznau - Gersau

Spring hike with panoramic views at the foot of the Rigi. The hiking trail leads along Lake Lucerne through mostly agricultural areas.

Discover the unique hiking trail with a wonderful panorama from Immensee to Gersau. The Rigi Lehner's path combines history, landscape, botany and much more. Your tour starts steeped in history by walking along the Hohlen Gasse in Immensee and reach a bit later at the castle ruins of the Gesslerburg in Küssnacht. The unique landscape reveals itself to you all the way to Gersau. On the way you will spot many lovely flowers and  a recultivated chestnut forest from Greppen. Arrived in Vitznau, you will be admired by the vintage railway culture at the Rigi Railways. At the end of the hike, a nature trail leads down into the historical "Altfrye Republik Gersau".

For your information 

You can find the current operating status of the railways and hiking trails here .

In order to let our next generation also be inspired from the Queen of the Mountains, may we ask you to dispose of your own waste at Rigi Stations. Thank you.


Technical details

Tour type
Hiking Trail
Starting point
Point of arrival
5 / 6
1022 m
1005 m
Best Time of Year
April, May, June, July, August, September, October
Immensee (415 m) - Hohle Gasse (518 m) - Kuessnacht (534 m) - Alpenhof (555 m) - Greppen (447 m) - Weggis Oberdorf (547 m) - Vitznau Oberwilen (675 m) - Vitznau (435 m)  Menschenacher (740 m) - Gersau (435 m
High profiled hiking boots or trakking boots, rain jacket, drink, food and walking sticks when possible. 
Author’s advice
I would like to recommend the historic Hohle Gasse and the Gesslerburg which can be found just right at the beginning of the hiking trail.
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Good to know

In Immensee you will find parking spaces for a fee.
Arrival / Return journey

A4 highway, exit Küssnacht, direction Vitznau - Weggis.

However, we recommend you to arrive by public transportations instead of cars: just lean back, enjoy and do something good for the environment.

Accessible by bus and train
Public transport

Arrive conveniently by bus or boat:

By SBB Swiss national railways to Immensee SBB timetable

By boat on Lake Zug from Zug or Arth to Immensee  Boat timetable of Lake Zug

Further information & links
You can hike the Rigi Lehner's path in several sections (from Greppen or from Weggis).