A walk around Lake Rot

Promenade Route
7.1 km
Travel time
approx. 2 h
Tour details
Tour details
A walk around Lake Rot
Rotsee Luzern
Photo: Laila Bosco, Luzern Tourismus
A walk around Lake Rot
Naturarena Rotsee bei Luzern
Photo: Laila Bosco, Luzern Tourismus
A walk around Lake Rot
Naturarena Rotsee bei Luzern
Photo: Laila Bosco, Luzern Tourismus
A walk around Lake Rot
Naturarena Rotsee bei Luzern
Photo: Laila Bosco, Luzern Tourismus
A walk around Lake Rot
Naturschutzgebiet Rotsee
Photo: Alexander Kramis / Luzern Tourismus, Region Luzern-Vierwaldstättersee
The circular footpath around Lake Rot is popular with walkers as well as joggers for its proximity to the city, the beauty of the nature reserve, the practical length of the path and the presence of playgrounds and a lido – amongst other reasons. The path presents no problems and is virtually flat all the way round.
The popular walk around Lake Rot is technically undemanding and virtually flat. Much of the path is asphalted, with a few gravelly sections. The only part where tree roots can be encountered is between the Lake Rot ferry terminus (south side) heading towards the lido. If that's a problem, take the asphalted Kaspar-Kopp-Strasse to the lido. Vehicles and bicycles are not permitted on the Lake Rot path. An occasional bench or barbecue spot is encountered on the way. The south side near the Lucerne-Rotsee rowing centre features a great playground, as well as a meadow that's good for picnicking. In summer you can enjoy the cool waters of the lido or a refreshment in the form of beverages and snacks there. Walkers are also welcome to eat at the lido restaurant, as well as at the Seehüsli restaurant at the western end of Lake Rot (open all year round).

Technical details

Tour type
Promenade Route
Starting point
"Jugendherberge, Luzern" bus stop
Point of arrival
"Jugendherberge, Luzern" bus stop
1 / 6
4 m
64 m
Best Time of Year
January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December
Start at the "Jugendherberge, Luzern" bus stop. Follow the road to Lake Rot, where you'll find the Seehüsli restaurant, which has parking spaces. On the south side is a gravel path that hugs the shore. You soon come to the Lucerne Lake Rot rowing centre, together with a playground, sunbathing area and seating. 10 minutes further on is the Lake Rot ferry terminus: the ferry can be used to cross the lake in summer and shorten the hike accordingly. Continuing along the footpath towards the Lake Rot lido, you can either take the path on the left down to the shore through the Schachewald forest or follow the path via Kaspar-Kopp-Strasse. Shortly after the St. Klemens Gymnasium, turn left again onto the Lake Rot path. The far edge of the forest marks the eastern end of Lake Rot. On the north side, you follow a paved path. The minor ascent immediately after crossing the railway line provides a wonderful view of the Pilatus while you pass pastures containing grazing cows. The second half of the return leg is flat as it follows the shoreline to the Seehüsli restaurant.
Safety information
The path in the Schachewald area can be slippery in wet weather.
Blog "Geschichten aus dem Herzen der Schweiz"
Sturdy footwear is recommended.
Author’s advice
The morning and evening atmosphere at Lake Rot is delightful and very special.
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Good to know

Parking is available at the Seehüsli restaurant at the west end of the lake.
Arrival / Return journey
Take motorway exit 24 "Rotsee" or 25 "Emmen-Süd" and follow the signs to "Spital Luzern" or "Rotsee".
Accessible by bus and train
Public transport
From Lucerne railway station, take bus 18 towards Friedental and alight at "Jugendherberge, Luzern".
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